Alignment fitting

Whenever you pull out a drawer, there is often a piece of Hövelhof behind this movement. In millions of pieces of furniture, REME slides ensure a smooth operation. Our slides are manufactured in state-of-the-art roll-forming plants and thus guarantee particularly smooth running.

If you do not immediately find the right slides in our range, please feel free to use the contact option of your choice and we will provide you with expert assistance in choosing your slides with our competent team of advisors.

Of course, we can also manufacture customized slides to meet the needs of our clients. In connection with our experienced technology, we support you professionally until we have designed the right solution for your application. On request we can produce special solutions starting from 1.000 sets.


Alignment fitting

Alignment fittings from REME are used to prevent or even straighten the undesirable warping of sliding doors. By tightening the clamping sleeve, tensile stress is achieved and the door is optimally aligned. Dimensional stability even under high stress guarantees a secure hold for heavily warped doors.


  • Supports the functionality of door fittings
  • Form stability even with high stress
  • Prevents warping of door leaves
  • Straighten out warped or distorted doors
  • Suitable for wooden and sliding doors